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Welcome to Oder Investment Management, LLC

Oder Investment Management, LLC is a registered investment advisory firm dedicated to building and preserving wealth for individuals, families, trusts, and foundations. We provide a unique combination of financial planning and investment management expertise with a commitment to the highest quality personal service.

Personal attention is at the heart of our service. As a high service, advice-driven firm, clients have direct access to our principals. We understand the importance of communicating plainly and clearly and are always available to answer your questions. We frequently consult with our clients over the phone and in personal meetings to review their financial situations and investment strategies. Our clients’ portfolios are domiciled at Charles Schwab & Co and other leading brokerage firms, which send out clear and accurate monthly statements. These statements are supplemented with our own monthly reports detailing positions and quarterly performance assessments.

Oder Investment Management is a fee-only advisor, independent of Wall Street influences. We are not paid commissions and we don’t have to trade your account to generate income. Since our fees are based on a percentage of assets under management, we’re clearly aligned with your interests. We’re compensated more when your portfolio grows and you achieve your financial objectives.

Benefits of an Independent, Fee-Only Investment Manager

- No hidden sales fees
- No pressure to buy and sell investments for commission gains
- Personal, ongoing relationship with the person managing your money
- You and your advisor have the same goal: the achievement of your financial objectives
- Adjustments can be made as market conditions or personal circumstances warrant
- Conduct thorough needs assessment; develop a customized investment plan tailored to the
investor’s risk tolerance, current needs and long-term financial goals

To learn more about how an Independent, Fee Only Registered Investment Advisory firm benefits the client visit:

RIA stands for you

*Oder Investment Management, LLC is happy to offer a free full review and consultation of all investment statements to potential clients.


Our Company

We work for our clients and not for a larger institution.  We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service, and also building long-term relationships.

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Our Services

We provide personal focus with tailored advice based on your specific goals.  All investments chosen for our clients are done with their best interests in mind.

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Meet Our Team

With collectively over 50 years of experience in the industry, personal attention is still at the heart of our service.  We understand the importance of accessibility and are always available to answer questions.  We maintain regular contact with clients to review their financial situations and investment strategies.

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