OIM provides several different services. While many firms are content with gathering your assets and fitting you into a generic model portfolio, based on age and risk tolerance only, we want to hear about all facets of your life. What issues are you facing now? What do you expect to encounter in the future? What are your fears, what are your dreams? Many of those questions can be answered by servicing the list below.


Comprehensive wealth management

Diversified investment management

Coordination with CPAs & Attorneys

Regular review meetings

Financial decision counseling

Beneficiary review

Life insurance needs analysis

Disability needs analysis

Roth conversions

RMDs and withdrawal strategies

College planning


Tax loss harvesting

Review of cost basis

Tax return review

Tax planning

Cash flow and budget analysis

Monitoring of outside accounts

Retirement goal-setting

Legacy planning

Pension maximization

Social Security analysis

Online account access

401k review