At Oder Investment Management we choose to partner with the largest third-party custodian to independent advisers in the industry, Charles Schwab & Co.

Charles Schwab delivers to our firm and clients several benefits.  They provide safety and security by insuring all our client’s assets while offering a full range of investment products and services to our team.  They are the industry leader with over 1.3 trillion in assets and have been working with independent firms for over 30 years.  Our partnership strengthens our ability to provide high quality service and execution for our clients.

In addition to working with a third-party custodian, Oder Investment Management also looks to partner with outside industry professionals to offer our clients several qualified referral sources.  All of our team members are involved in professional networking groups which supply a wide array of resources when it comes to legal, accounting, and other professional services.  We focus on our client’s retirement planning while also being able to provide them with expert advice in many areas.  Our goal is to simplify our client’s financial lives while helping them surround themselves with a team of qualified individuals.